Play your part on World Diabetes Day 2020!

Here are some ideas how you can get involved with World Diabetes Day to help raise awareness:

  • Organise a diabetes information session for residents in your community
  • Organise a ‘Learn about diabetes’ event in schools or through online learning platforms
  • Exercise in blue
  • Help people learn their potential risk of type 2 diabetes (Learn how our DARA solution can help)
  • Organise a themed activity with your healthcare team
  • Arrange an activity with your work colleagues
  • Promote the blue circle selfie app
  • Support World Diabetes Day on Social Media – The official hashtags of the campaign are: #WorldDiabetesDay and #NursesMakeTheDifference
  • Use the hashtags and be creative! You could take a picture of you and your friends using the hashtags in a fun way. A great way to do this would be to print them out on a small cardboard sign.
  • Get involved in the International Diabetes Federation’s social media activity for World Diabetes Day 2020 by liking, sharing or retweeting what they do


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