Predictive Analytics – The Culmination of AI in Healthcare

Why Predictive Analytics? How can it help you? Predictive analytics has proven extremely effective in healthcare because of its ability to act as a scientifically-backed ‘crystal ball’. With it, we are now able to better understand and manage chronic diseases. Many notable healthcare stakeholders, like Mayo Clinic, have adopted such analysis to improve clinical workflow and patient experience.

There has been a lot of buzz regarding predictive analytics and questions about how exactly it is related to the healthcare industry. To sum it up, healthcare predictive analytics drives the collection and analysis of health data to make prognostic conclusions for patients. These predictions can be derived using AI, modelling, data mining, and statistics.  These foresights give you an opportunity to provide better and personalised care for your patients.

Predictive analytics can be a solution to many healthcare problems. In Gopalakrishna’s publication, it is emphasised that there are endless possibilities with predictive analytics. Common issues faced by patients include long waiting times in clinical establishments, often due to the levels of different clinical workflows and a lack of medical professionals. An ailing ageing population also adds to the manpower crunch in the healthcare industry. Predictive analytics can overcome these issues. With the ability to automate these prognostic results, you no longer need to manually complete administrative work. More time can be diverted to engage your patients which improves clinical workflow as well as reduces human error.

Additionally, predictive analytics is an extremely resourceful way of utilising the plethora of unanalysed medical data to help patients understand the potential chronic disease risks they may face. This would ensure that ageing generations have a better understanding of their own health and allow them to take charge of it. Predictive analytics allows early intervention and helps potential at-risk patients to ‘nip the problem in the bud’. This is how Mesh Bio intends to make a difference. 

Using proprietary algorithms based on gold-standard guidelines, Mesh Bio intends to transcend the current limitations in healthcare by filling gaps in the market. Our product, ‘DARA’, allows for a better understanding of a patients’ disease risks and needs for chronic disease management. DARA takes into account patients’ demographics, medical history, biomarkers, and more to generate actionable insights which use specific goals to help them take control of their health. Details can be found on our website. With DARA, which can be seamlessly integrated with patient management systems, you can deliver a comprehensive and holistic review to your patients. 

Health is wealth. With the future of predictive analytics looking bright, let us be forward-thinking to proactively increase awareness of the importance of health. DARA can bring your vision to better the well-being of your patients to life. 

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